Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you’re enjoying my site and getting a lot out of the posts that I’ve written so far, and the ones yet to come.

What am I up to?

Well …

  • I’m an ultrarunner. I like to run really long distances, for long amounts of time, in varying amounts of pain (it let’s you know you’re alive!)
  • I’m an IT guy.
  • One time I fell asleep on a roof and dropped like 20 feet onto a wooden deck. It was embarrassing. People saw.
  • I really just want to help people out in any way I can with the platform that I have. Whether it’s just for a short time, or I get to do what I do for my whole life, I’m taking it to the limit until I can’t anymore!

That’s about it for now. More to come in future posts!

I love getting emails, so feel free to reach out to me at if there are any questions or if you’d like to help out or sponsor!

– Josh