Posted by on March 6, 2019


No matter where you are in life, what you’ve done, or who you think you’ve become, you can be more.

Decide that starting today:


– You’ll be stronger than you think you are.

– Push harder than you ever have.

– Smash through more walls.

– Be more ferocious than life.

– Understand that the world owes you nothing.

– Stop blaming other people for your life.

– Push other peoples hands off of your wheel and captain your own ship.


The first step in “I can” is knowing where the bottom of “I can’t” is, and using the skeletons of your failures to build a ladder out of the pit.


Being lost in life doesn’t mean you’re a loser. It just means you’ve already marked the map with the path not to take and can help guide other weary traveller’s.


If you must walk the path of pain, leave signposts for other souls on how to escape the dark forest.


Be fierce. Be strong. Fall down. Get up. Win.