Posted by on November 17, 2018

So as everyone probably knows, I’m obsessed with high mileage ultra runs. A lot of people have asked questions about the why and how of doing something like this. I love these questions!
The most important thing to understand with high mileage ultras as that they have very little to do with running at all. Sure, you’re putting one foot in front of the other and heading towards a finish line, but they are so much more.
You cannot… I repeat CANNOT finish one of these events without it changing you on a deep level.
You’ll learn how to turn pain into a catalyst instead of a dampener. You’ll learn about who you are and what your purpose is. You’ll find the parts of you that you’ve buried by living a “normal life”. You’ll discover yourself again.
It’s not about fitness, having the coolest gear, or winning (though those are all great perks)… It’s about facing your doubts and fears and knowing you can outlast them when they quit at 30 miles, and you’re still going.
For a short time, you’ll become who you are meant to be and not who you’ve let the world turn you into… And you’ll never want to go back.
I guarantee that you’ll step over that finish line a different and better person than the one that started.
There’s a magic moment when your mind is screaming “Stop! No one will care if you quit.” and your body is scintillating with pain that you’ll either give in, or fling the gates of your soul open and release the beast that everyone keeps caged inside. The choice is completely yours. The mileage doesn’t care what you do, it doesn’t care what shoes you’re wearing or how cool your toe socks are. It will still be there whether you quit or take it under your command. If you decide to keep going, you won’t just feel free.. You will be free.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

You will never be the same.